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How do you choose mangoes that are fresh and sweet

'with sharp tips on both ends and a smile in the middle of a round face, the Yellow meat is covered with hemp clothes, which is juicy and delicious. Nowadays, it is a good time to eat mangoes. Mangoes are not only delicious but also nutritious. They are known as the 'King of tropical fruits'. But picking mangoes also requires skill. Good mangoes taste good, but bad ones are sour and astringent.

Experts said that there are many kinds of mangoes, and there are several kinds of mangoes commonly seen in the market, such as green mango weighing about 100g, namely egg awn; flat round yellow mango, namely Tailong mango; long mango weighing about 500g is called Ivory awn; There are also about 50 grams of waist awn and 500 grams of red skin awn, several common mango zhongtailongmang and yaomang have better quality, more fiber, finer and smoother, slightly sour taste.

But no matter what kind of mango you buy, you should follow the same principle, that is, choose the one with delicate skin and deep color, so that the mango is fresh and ripe. Don't pick a little green, that is not fully mature performance; for a little wrinkled mango, don't feel stale and don't choose, on the contrary, this kind of mango is more sweet. Although it is kept for a period of time, the excess water is evaporated and the sugar remains in the pulp, so the mango is the sweetest and the most smooth taste at this time.

Mango is a kind of warm fruit. It is mild in nature and sweet in taste. Most people can eat it. However, people with hot and humid constitution are not suitable for eating. In addition, it is best not to eat more than 200 grams of mango every day, because mango is rich in protein fruit, eat more easily full.