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How to make leek dumplings delicious without water

1. When frying eggs, put more oil, stir fry and cool thoroughly and mix them with chopped leeks. In this way, the oil content of scrambled eggs will coat the leeks first, which can lock water. Or add sesame oil in advance to mix the leeks.

2. When the dumplings are rolled out, salt is added to mix the stuffing, and then the dumplings are wrapped. If the dumplings are wrapped, they should be boiled in the pot as soon as possible, so that the water content in the leeks will be reduced.

3. Boil dumplings, a pot can be, as long as a thin layer of dumpling skin cooked, quickly turn off the fire Sheng out, so boiled leeks slightly cut off raw, fresh just good, the original leek raw can eat, so do not cook for a long time.

Note: This is suitable for all kinds of vegetable dumplings.