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The cup also has to pay attention to what kind of cup to drink the best

plasticizers are often added to plastics, which contain some toxic chemicals. When hot water or boiling water is filled in plastic cups, the toxic chemicals are easy to dilute into water, and there are many pores in the internal microstructure of plastics, in which dirt is hidden. If it is not cleaned, it is easy to breed bacteria. Therefore, experts remind that in the purchase of plastic cups, we must choose the water cup made of edible grade plastic in line with national standards.

Glass is the first choice for drinking water glass. Don't think the glass is just transparent and good-looking. Of all the materials, the glass is the healthiest.

There are no organic chemicals in the process of glass firing. When people drink water or other drinks with glass, they don't have to worry about chemical substances being drunk into their stomachs. Moreover, the glass surface is smooth and easy to clean. Bacteria and dirt are not easy to breed on the wall of the glass. Therefore, drinking water with glass is the healthiest and safest.

In addition, experts also advocate the use of enamel cup, because the enamel cup is made after thousands of degrees of high temperature enamel, without lead and other harmful substances, can be used at ease.