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What's the best way to make kitchen food Zero Waste

How to make kitchen food Zero Waste? Do you have any tricks? Of course, the editor of Sihai kitchen tips today teaches you some tips, which are very useful and can save resources. Reuse and eliminate waste.

1. If the milk is about to expire, let it become cheese.

Milk is about to expire, and it's hard to drink a full gallon of milk before it's due, but don't wait for it to coagulate, but set aside some to make cottage cheese.

2. Utilization of daily residues

Used coffee grounds can drive away ants. And coffee grounds can also remove flavor, promote the growth of your potted plants, more worthy of leaving them.

3. Baking bruised fruit

The banana is ripe and its skin turns black. It can be used to make delicious banana bread. Don't throw these bananas away, but make delicious desserts.

4. Eat stale snacks

It's a pity to throw away the seemingly stale snacks. Don't throw away old chips. Stale snacks can be crisp in the microwave oven - place the French fries on the microwave tray and bake at full power for 10 seconds.

5. Crispy skin

You can make the rest of the crust crisp again, but instead of using the microwave, put the wet slices in the frying pan over medium heat for 4 to 5 minutes, and make a round cover of aluminum foil to make sure the stuffing is also hot.

6. Ice water cooling

Non bubble soda is not good to drink, but it can be made into something refreshing with a little patience. Pour some bubble free soda into a square ice plate, insert toothpicks in each compartment, and enjoy your results after freezing.

These kitchen tricks are really useful. You may as well try them to save resources and have fun.