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Five tips for choosing strawberries without hormones

Now it is the season for strawberries to come into the market. The red and attractive strawberries make people salivate. When they buy strawberries, they all find that how big the strawberries are now? I'm afraid it's hormone, but I can't rule out that some strawberries are born 'big men'. How can I buy safe strawberries? How can I buy strawberries with high nutritional value?

Sihai editor's reminder:

1. Don't buy those with strange shapes. It depends on its variety. If it is large, then this kind of strawberry is mostly conical. If the shape is too strange, you should be careful.

2. Be careful if you find that the color distribution is quite uneven. The color of hormone strawberry was uneven, and its luster was poor, and its color was clear at the bottom of the stalk. Of course, nutritional value will not be high.

3. Don't buy empty pulp. Normal strawberry flesh is bright red, with few cavities. Hormone strawberry can break easily, flesh color is white, cavity is more.

4. Smell it and don't buy it if it doesn't feel sweet. The sweetness of normal strawberry was high and the distribution of sweetness was uniform. Hormone strawberry taste tasteless tasteless, smell not fragrant.

5. If you find that the color of the small strawberry particles is too red, give up. Because the sesame seeds (seeds) on the surface of normal strawberries are golden. If even sesame seeds are red, I don't say you know what's going on.