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How does pig liver go to taste clean? The good method that handles pig liver

How to clean the pig liver? A good way to deal with the pig liver! The nutritional value of pig liver is high, but how to clean the pig liver? How to give the pig liver to the toxin? The small editor teaches you a good method of cleaning the pig liver to taste, to see how to correctly deal with the pig liver! Learn about it together!

Pig liver is indeed the detoxification organ and poison transfer station of pigs, but this does not mean that the liver is really toxic to the point where it can not be eaten! Moreover, the nutritional value of pig liver is still very high when it is properly handled. Of course, it is more important to note that do not eat half raw pig liver!

How to clean the pig liver to detoxify it:

1. The liver is the biggest poison transfer station and detoxification organ in the body, so don't rush to cook the fresh liver bought back. You should wash the liver under the tap for 10 minutes, and then soak it in water for 30 minutes. You can also add some white vinegar in the water to speed up the removal of toxins.

2. After slicing the pig liver, it was washed repeatedly with flowing water until there was no blood exudation. This can effectively remove the remaining toxin in pig liver.

3. Cooking time should not be too short, at least should be fried in the heat for more than 5 minutes, so that the liver completely turned brown, no blood can be seen.

4. To treat anemia, spinach can be used, but the spinach should be blanched in advance. First remove a large amount of oxalic acid in spinach, because oxalate is one of the elements that inhibit the absorption of iron!

5. Pig liver often has a special peculiar smell. Before cooking, the liver blood should be washed with water.

6. Pig liver should be cut and done now. The fresh pig liver will flow out after being cut for a long time. The bile will not only lose nutrients, but also many particles will coagulate on the pig liver after frying, which will affect the appearance and quality. Therefore, after slicing the pig liver, seasoning and wet starch should be used quickly and mixed well, and put into the pot as soon as possible.