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Scientific solution to the problem of seafood allergy

To solve the problem of seafood allergy scientifically, these two points need to be done! How to do with seafood allergy? Seafood allergy has been paid close attention to all the time. If you don't understand the solution to seafood allergy, it will seriously harm your health. So we must master the scientific method to solve the problem of seafood allergy!

As for the problem of seafood allergy, I believe many people have their own different solutions. Experts point out that to solve the problem of seafood allergy, we should pay attention to science. Here are some solutions to seafood allergy.

1. Refuse alcohol

After seafood allergy, some people will use alcohol to wipe their bodies, in order to alleviate the allergy and disinfection. Experts pointed out that such a practice is very unreasonable, whether before eating seafood or after allergy, should refuse any alcoholic beverage.

Seafood is a high protein, low-fat food, and beer contains a large number of vitamin B1, if the two are eaten together, it will cause some ingredients in seafood and vitamin B1 in beer to mix together, produce chemical effect, and lead to the increase of uric acid content in human blood and destroy the original body balance.

In the case of seafood allergy, light people just feel the body is unusually hot, and serious people will be covered with red pimples, and the same intolerable. What we need at this time is not alcohol, but some antiallergic drugs. It is better to send them to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible.

2. Don't eat fruit immediately

When seafood allergy occurs, some people will choose to eat some fruits, hoping to alleviate the symptoms of allergy through the vitamin contained in the fruit. This is also a very unscientific approach. Some substances in fruits will react with seafood to aggravate the symptoms of allergy. For example, grapes, pomegranates, hawthorn, persimmon, etc., these fruits should be prohibited after eating seafood.

How to do with seafood allergy? We must understand the scientific knowledge. Oh, look at the introduction of Xiaobian. Are you still afraid of seafood?