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How to choose dried mushroom correctly

Shiitake mushroom is really a very good dish. Shiitake mushroom with chicken is very delicious. Of course, how to choose shiitake mushroom when buying dried shiitake mushroom? will give you a detailed introduction today.

The easiest way to start is to look at the size of the next head

The small mushroom is picked when it is the most tender and dried, so the price is relatively high.

Then take the mushroom to see its appearance: the smooth surface of the mushroom produced in Henan Province is not very thick. There are many folds in Fujian, and the color is black. The appearance of ordinary mushroom is relatively smooth, the color is yellowish brown, and the color of high-quality mushroom is much darker, basically black, and there are many folds on the surface, this kind of mushroom can be very big when it is made with water.

Finally, it depends on the technology: mushrooms are generally dehydrated and dried by machines. Part of Henan mushroom is baked or dried in the sun. The color of the dried mushroom is black. The color of the dehydrated mushroom is normal and looks comfortable. It is usually dried when the yield is low.