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Two skills of cooking with onion

Who can't use onion? Put onion before cooking to add flavor. You're wrong. It's very learned to use onion in dishes. But when using onion, you must pay attention to proper dosage, clear priority and order, and don't "win over the host" and affect the original flavor. Four seas net small make up to everybody detailed introduction next.

Use onion according to the shape of the main material: the shape of the onion processing should be consistent with the main material, generally slightly smaller than the main material, but it should also be flexibly used according to the cooking method of the raw material. For example, 'braised fish', 'dried fish', 'steamed fish', 'boiled fish ball' and 'boiled fish soup', etc. are fish dishes. Due to different cooking methods, the requirements for processing shape of onion are different. 'braised fish' requires that the scallion be cut into sections and burned with the fish; 'dried fish' requires that the scallion be cut into pieces and the ingredients be consistent; 'steamed fish' only needs to put the whole scallion on the fish, and when the fish is ripe, pick up the scallion, and only take the flavor of the scallion.

According to the needs of raw materials, use shallot: fish, poultry, livestock viscera and egg raw materials are fishy and smell is strong. When cooking, shallot is an indispensable condiment. Bean products and rhizome raw materials, seasoning with onion can remove the fishy and earthy flavor of beans. Single green vegetable itself contains natural fragrance, so it is not necessarily seasoned with onion.

Dishes with onions is very learned, but when using onions, we must pay attention to the appropriate dosage, clear priorities, do not 'occupy the main noise' and affect the flavor.