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Choose seafood compass correctly

When buying seafood in the supermarket, you must keep your eyes wide open. If you can't choose, the meat will go bad and it will affect your health if you eat it. There are guidelines for choosing seafood correctly. Let's take a look today.

Fresh fish: fresh fish should be put on a thick ice bed. It doesn't smell fishy and sour.

The eyes of the fish should be clear and slightly raised; the gills should be bright red and free of dirt; the whole body of the fish should be surrounded by shiny skin and scales close to the body; the whole fish or treated fish should be tough and shiny.

Seafood products with shell: check the label on the package of such products, including the manufacturer's certification number. If there is a certification number, it indicates that the product meets the national breeding safety standards. Live seafood, tap its shell, the shell can be closed, it is good, live crab and lobster to see the degree of activity of crab legs.

Frozen fish: do not buy frozen fish with open or broken packaging; do not choose the products placed on the top of the freezer; if the packaging is transparent, see if there is frost or ice crystal in it, which may be that the frozen products have been placed for too long, and then re frozen after melting, which is not fresh.

You've learned how to choose seafood. You can't catch it again when you go to the supermarket. You need to choose fresh and healthy seafood.