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Three tips to make steamed fish

There are skills to do well in steamed fish. Three tips teach you how to do well in steamed fish. You will feel that this is not difficult after understanding.

First of all, according to the shape of the fish, whether it is necessary to knife the fish body. The most suitable mature fish is the flat body fish, such as the bream, which can be steamed directly on the plate after the willow leaf flower knife or the deep cut on the back of the fish (steamed open screen fish); the fish with thick back meat, such as the bass, can be cut along the back of the back with a knife in the belly of the fish, so that the fish will lie down when steamed, and the thickness can be reduced to be suitable for maturity (steamed bass); For larger fish such as fat head fish, herring, grass carp, etc., it's better to cut them into two pieces or steam them in sections (two color fish head with chopped peppers).

Before steaming the fish, marinate the fish for 10 minutes. Because salt can permeate and coagulate protein, too long storage time will make the meat hard and affect the taste.

Then steam the fish slightly overhead. Steam fish plate with a thin layer of oil, ginger and scallion section interval spread in the center of the plate, and then put the fish, which is equivalent to slightly overhead fish, which is conducive to the hot air circulation in the pot fish body evenly heated.