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How to choose meat without Clenbuterol

The media once again revealed that the mass merchandiser's shops and supermarkets that we often go to have meat containing clenbuterol detected. Although it will not pose a great threat to our lives, it has repeatedly made us lose our sense of security and trust in food.

Is there any way to tell if there is any clenbuterol in the meat?

Xiaobian suggested that we try to choose the frozen and refrigerated meat from the legal slaughterhouse. As long as the refrigerated and frozen meat from the legal slaughterhouse are inspected by the prevention and Inspection Bureau of the Agricultural Committee and the slaughterhouse, the inspection items include the residues of clenbuterol and other drugs, which will be listed only after passing the inspection, with the most basic guarantee.

Avoid buying warm meat. Because the legitimate warm meat slaughterhouse has a veterinarian to visually inspect the carcasses, and then conduct a proportional sampling inspection. But when the results of the sampling inspection come out, the meat products will be sold fresh and eaten by consumers. People should change their idea that killing a warm pig in the middle of the night is fresh. Freshness is not equal to health and safety, because even a newly killed warm pig can reproduce twice as many bacteria in an hour at room temperature.

Eat less viscera, do not touch pig liver, lung, brain, goose liver, Goose Gizzard & hellip;. The concentration of toxic residues in viscera will be higher than that in muscle.