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Can you clean the colorful tableware

When many families buy Tableware, they usually buy white tableware, because they always hear all kinds of unsafe news about color tableware, such as toxic news, which is not good for human body, so many people don't buy color tableware, but they don't know if the quality of white tableware is not good, the same is not safe.

Today, I teach you how to clean the color tableware. Do you usually clean it?

When you buy in the supermarket, the price is not necessarily good, you should pay attention to the appearance, the gross can be identified by the naked eye, the quality of all aspects of nature is not so good. When you get home, wash the tableware with water.

Then, we need to find a large container, pour in water, and then according to the number of tableware, pour in white vinegar, put the tableware into soaking overnight, and dissolve some harmful substances.

The next day, after repeated washing with clear water, it can be used.

Xiaobian shares this experience, just for you to buy authentic tableware after a 'Detox' way, just to be more secure. It's like we always have to wash before we eat apples. But if you buy poisonous apples, you can't count.

The ratio of white vinegar to water = 1:4. Other vinegar is OK, just that it's cheap.

There are no lack of tips in life. As long as you are good at finding out, some small things can change your life.