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How to stir fry vegetables without discoloration

How to stir fry vegetables without discoloration? I believe many housewives dare not stir fry vegetables for a long time, because they are afraid of discoloration. Everyone knows that mustard sprouts are too tender, so they can also stir fry and eat together, without any waste of ground. The best way to make this dish is to stir fry it, which not only keeps the original taste of the dish, but also prevents the loss of nutrients in the dish.

Materials: 1000 g mustard seedling, garlic, salt and edible oil

Method: after the mustard seedling is picked, soak it in salt for five minutes, then clean and control the water content; put the oil in the pot and heat it, then put the garlic foam; put the washed mustard seedling in the pot after the fragrance, and then add the salt; stir fry quickly until the color changes, and then the pot will be out.

Fried vegetables are most likely to turn yellow. How can I keep the original color of vegetables? Let me share my experience:

1. Stir fried green vegetables with vinegar will also turn yellow, do not add vinegar, this is wrong;

2. If you want to keep the color of green vegetables, the main measure is to shorten the cooking time. You must stir fry them quickly. If the fire is too small and the time is too long, they will be yellow;

3. Stir fry constantly so that you can get in touch with more oxygen.

After reading it, you may as well try it. I hope this article can bring some help to you.