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You can make delicious cakes without flour

You may be surprised how to make a cake without flour. The cake is made of flour. Don't believe it, there is a cake that can be made without flour. One of my friends is allergic to flour. It's really a very unfortunate thing. They can't eat cakes. When we buy delicious cakes, it's a kind of torture to him. One day, he also takes the cake and eats it. We are surprised. He said, it's made of rice flour. Let's see it together.

Coconut flavored Qifeng cake

Ingredients: egg yolk: 57g, milk: 38g, coconut milk: 40g, salad oil: 23g, rice flour: 57g, protein: 113g, sugar: 48g, salt: a little.

Production process: use the beater to stir the yolk slightly. Add the salad oil and mix well with the egg beater. Add coconut milk and milk, and mix with an egg beater to make an even yolk paste. Sift the glutinous rice flour into the yolk paste. Use the eggbeater to stir slightly, so that the rice flour can be completely absorbed into the rice paste with even texture. Beat the egg whites with an electric beater until they bubble. Add 1 / 3 sugar and salt. Continue stirring with the egg whisk, and the foam will gradually become more and more soft. Then add the 1/3 granulated sugar and stir until the sugar is completely dissolved. Add the remaining sugar and continue to stir. When the egg whites are wet and close to the state of dry foaming, the egg beater is lifted and the tip is slightly crooked. Take 1 / 3 of the protein paste and put it into the yolk paste. Mix well with a rubber scraper. Pour in the remaining yolk paste. Use a rubber scraper to gently stir from bottom to top, and mix the egg white and yolk paste well. Pour the mixed cake paste into the hollow Qifeng mould. Hold the mold with both hands, press the center cylinder part tightly with the thumb, and gently tap twice on the table. In the preheated oven, heat 180 degrees / lower 160 degrees, lower layer, bake. After baking for 40 minutes, insert the bamboo skewer obliquely into the center of the cake, as long as the drawn bamboo skewer is not stained with paste, it means the baking is completed. Turn the mould back and cool it immediately after it is put out of the oven.

Six points of making Qifeng cake with rice flour:

1. After the rice flour is evenly stirred, it is easy to sink when it is placed for a long time. The flour is separated from the liquid state. Before mixing with the albumen paste, it needs to be stirred with a rubber scraper.

2. The water absorption of rice flour milled from rice is higher than that of flour, and the water absorption of each kind of rice flour is also different. The control of water quantity is very important to avoid bad gelatinization effect.

3. Like flour, rice flour must be sifted.

4. Coconut milk contains more fat, do not add too much because you like the taste of coconut, nor can it completely replace milk.

5、 Qi wind cake protein, partial dryness can be, do not pass too much, in fact, like the super Q run Qi wind cake, sent to the protein when the front has a slightly low state.

6. When egg yolk paste and albumen paste are mixed, they should not be stirred too much, which is easy to make albumen paste defoaming.