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Home hydroponics of pea seedling

As we all know, pea seedlings can be cultivated in soil, but the time cycle is relatively long, and most of soil culture is to wait for the pods to eat, but pea seedlings eat seedlings, so it is very suitable for home hydroponic development. The method of pea seedling hydroponics at home is revealed. Let's understand it together.

Raw materials:

A handful of peas (to be soaked in clear water for 24 hours in advance).


1. First, clean the tray, and then lay the culture medium. You can choose your own convenient materials (to use paper yo ~), the color dust is made of flannelette, if there is no word newsprint better, one layer is enough. The paper is thin, so there are two layers of color dust. Don't use newspapers. Lead!

2. Then wet the paper with a watering can;

3. Sprinkle the peas in the dish;

3. Cover with a piece of cotton wet cloth and place it in a cool and dry place for germination; the ambient temperature is between 20-23 ℃; if the temperature is too low, it is not easy to sprout, and if it is too high, it is easy to grow bacteria and rot.

4. The pea sprouts quickly, which is the situation of the next day; the white root sprouts are clearly visible.

5. From the fourth day to the fifth day, the roots and buds have grown, and the real pea seedlings have come out~~

6. After that, Doudou can see the light a little~~