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The key to delicious noodle soup with sauce

Noodles with sauce and noodle soup. The key to the delicious noodles is the bowl of noodle sauce.

Rule: use wide, thick noodles with strong flavor of the sauce; otherwise, use thin, thin noodles with light flavor of the sauce.

Mushroom and beef sauce, with machine pressed lasagna, it's really right! You like to eat mixed noodles. This summer, you might as well try this delicious noodle sauce made of simple ingredients.

Tips: stir fry the water in the diced meat and mushrooms, then put in the bean paste, which is easy to taste, so that the fried sauce tastes more fragrant.

Shredded green pepper taste, and finally put it into Duansheng, stir fried sauce has a green pepper fragrance.

Choose Tender sirloin or pork, stir fry to make the meat easy to chew; if you use other parts of the meat, you can add some water, boil to make the meat rotten.