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Would you forgive him if he cheated

Love is built on the basis of mutual integrity, but love has trust, there will be betrayal. In the face of each other's emotional betrayal, what kind of choice will you make? Can you forgive him for his cheating?

You have a pet dog that you like very much. One day when you come home, you find that it is not obedient and defecates at home. How would you educate it?

A. A good beating

B. Cancel dinner and starve it

C. Criticize it for a few words

D. Call a friend for help

Test results:

A. You are a person with strong principles and can't accept his cheating. On the surface, cheating seems to be an emotional choice, but on the deep level, it is a personal betrayal in the sense of integrity. It's hard for you to tolerate the betrayal between friends, let alone the infidelity between lovers.

B. You are a very rational person. In the face of his infidelity, you can analyze the reasons objectively and rationally. If he is curious or lured, and he is a first offender, you are likely to give him a chance to reform. On the contrary, if he is a recidivist and refuses to change after repeated education, you have to say goodbye to him.

C. You are a soft hearted guy, the most unbearable thing in your life is that others cry in front of you. Your partner secretly cheated on you and put a green hat on you. When you find him crying and repenting in front of you, you will be blinded by him. You can't see the real intention behind his action. Your weak heart will forgive him.

D. You think it's not a one-sided mistake for the other party to cheat on themselves. If the other party makes mistakes and the third party makes mistakes, you will also make certain mistakes, such as not taking care of him emotionally. When you are faced with cheating, you are also reflecting on your own mistakes. On the issue of whether or not you should forgive the other party for cheating, you are very tangled and need a long time of thinking to make a decision.