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Is this your love harvest year

If 2012 is really the end of the world, it is not your love harvest year. It is also a romantic thing to harvest your love when the end of the world comes. 1. Do you prefer light taste?

Yes - 2

Not - 3

2. Do you like to listen to sad songs?

Like - 3

Don't like - 4

3. Have you decided to change your job next year?

Yes - 4

Not - 5

4. In the face of other people's questioning of your strength, do you generally?

Prove it to him - 5

Too lazy to explain - 6

When you don't hear - 7

5. Do you like learning from elegant people?

Yes - 6

It's not - 7

6. I am often very restless, a little bit small jump?

Yes - 8

It's not - 9

7. If you are in love with someone now, will you?

Initiative - 8

Watch the change - 9

Self entanglement - 10

8. After falling in love, do you still alienate your friends?

Yes - 10

No - 11

9. A heterosexual is very considerate to you. Do you usually accept his kindness as it is?

Will accept - 11

Will refuse - 12

Half pushing and half dealing-13

10. When you were a college student, did you win the applause of your classmates?

Yes - 12

No - 14

11. If the lover betrays you, will you?

Direct retaliation-13

Under the dark spell - 14 & lsquo;

12. Would you feel sick if someone watched you write?

Yes - 14

Not - 15

13. Are you afraid of marriage?

Yes - 15

No - 17

14. Sometimes, do you sacrifice a love for your family?

Yes - 16

Not - 17

15. Do you hate people moving your computer?

Yes - 16

Not - 18

16. When you are in love, are you willing to exchange your life for that of your lover?

Yes - 18

It's not - 19

Not necessarily - 20

17. Have you ever been invited to a birthday party of the opposite sex when you were a student?

Yes - 20

No - D

Forget - B

18. How much do you think money affects your love?

Ten minutes - 19

Seven points - A


Three points or less - e

19. After graduation, will you meet a special opposite sex and blush and heartbeat?

Yes - C

It won't be - B

No - D

20. If it came true, who would you choose to stay with on the last day?

Parents and family-c

Love, family - e

My favorite friends - A

Test results:

A. It doesn't matter if peach blossom is not peach blossom

You are a very likable person, there are many opposite sex around you, you also know your heterosexual relationship is very good. In your bones, there is a factor of reality. There's nothing special for you, just as usual to live your day well. However, this year you may meet unexpected people and finally have a love affair with them that will let you go deep into them. It's not a great thing for you to have too many peach blossoms at ordinary times. As long as one flower opens at the right time and place, it's enough. Therefore, it doesn't matter to you whether it's a peach blossom or not. It's right to live every day seriously.

B. Non peach blossom year

In your eyes, most peach blossom is not good, because although you also want to have many people to pursue, but a pursuit, you will be a little messy. You are the kind of person who is confused. Although you know who you like, you don't know who likes you. Sometimes, that person is by your side, but you don't know, and the goal you've been chasing is always out of reach. You feel a little sad about yourself. You value this year very much, but the more you value it, the less peach blossom will come. Even if it comes, you will also be blinded by a leaf, and no flowers will bloom. When you watch that person slip away from you, you may understand.

C. Light flowers bloom

The most suitable love for the earth shaking and weak temperament of you, is also like the flowers at night, quietly open. It will not come too strong, but flat light is the true feelings. Your peach blossom is also the same. It needs a long time of communication, your beauty will bloom, and the other party will see your beauty. It's not the end of the day for you. Some people you know before will realize your beauty in this year. But for shy you, you need to be positive and brave to get happiness. If you can't take the initiative to pursue happiness, maybe a lot of good fate will become family affection or friendship in your hands.

D. It's the year of peach blossom

You have a very friendly personality, you can communicate with a lot of people with different temperament, many people will feel your natural affinity after they know you. This year, there will be many suitors around you, but in your eyes, you can't look at these people. Some people may express themselves in a strange way, and if you listen attentively, you will find that this kind of person may be a good choice. However, you may not have such an idea in the beginning. When you miss these good choices, you will find that the other party is still very good.

E. There are peach blossom every year

As a peach blossom into the life of people, in fact, your peach blossom year is always open, whether it is 2012 or not, whether it is 2012 to become true, you are doomed to be a peach blossom year. You may retort that you don't have many people to pursue, but think about it carefully, your heterosexual relationship is actually very good. It's just that you don't look up to them. And your true love often appears in front of you at unexpected times, so even though 2012 is a peach blossom year, peach blossom will be in full bloom, you can not feel too strong. But in recent years, it may be easier for the right man to appear. Even if you leave, you will miss it. You are the lucky one in love.