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Do you know who is in love with you?

Title: you bought a dress on the Internet, but when it arrived, it was found that there was a certain gap between the physical object and the picture, and it was a little small on you. What would you do at this time?

A. No matter how much the postage is, whether the process is troublesome or not, immediate return is required.

B. Forget it. I think I'm unlucky. I can't buy clothes from this Seller any more.

C. Put it on the screen and resell it to others.

D. It's better to have one thing less than one more thing. You can make a human relationship by giving it to the right person.

Test answer:

Choose a's friends, 6-8

Now you are very charming, from your body exudes a noble temperament, can attract the eyes of people around you. You have your own pursuit in love, but you are aloof. You will avoid the type you don't like. Even if there are many less confident heterosexuals like you, they will only appreciate you far away.

Choose B's friends, 3-5

Now you seem ordinary, but after frequent contact with you, you will find that you have many extraordinary things. You are a little low-key in your work, and you are less concerned by the people around you. However, once you have contact with you, you will find that you are kind and lovely. Some heterosexuals will gradually be attracted by your charm and secretly like you.

Choose C's friends, 1-2

At present, your introverted side is highlighted, and your strengths and charm will be hidden. It is usually difficult to find your charm without people who have had in-depth contact with you. Although there are few people who pursue you and love you secretly, once you exude your charm, peach blossom will follow.

More than 10 friends from D

Now you are very attractive, cheerful smile as bright as the sun, let people feel special affinity, also willing to be close to you. Your lively and kind-hearted way of dealing with people wins you a lot of good people, and also makes many heterosexuals love you. Not only do heterosexuals express their love directly to you, but also many people pay close attention to you and are infatuated with you in silence.