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What's the next step in your love?

Is it true that we have come to that day, our love only has the surface & hellip; & hellip;

Before you start divining, please make sure that this time you have some questions. Unnecessary questions will only make you confused.

In the heart of the meditation: 'I and OOo have become a non flow of love?'

Remember, this divination can only be operated once in three months!

Test answer:

1. Scepter seven

A friend who chooses this card may get worse without seeking improvement

Your love has not come to that, but if you don't seek improvement, it may soon become that situation.

Love is not as simple as it seems. It seems that it needs more management, communication and improvement together.

In fact, you don't have no feelings. In fact, when you decide that this may be a question you should ask, it shows that you have some doubts.

Make some surprises for life, or pay attention to each other again for a meeting, maybe both sides will find out the past touching!

2. Scepter ten

The friends who chose this card, you are actually forced too hard

When both of them are overwhelmed by the reality, when both of them are in a state of pressure, their feelings seem to become small and insignificant.

Both of you are too tired to pay attention to each other's mood, physiological state, lifestyle, even to selective neglect. You always feel that your pain is not less than that of each other.

When love becomes such a situation and loses the feeling of empathy and mutual understanding, there is only a surface of "joint efforts", but it loses the original meaning of love.

3. Devil (against)

The friends who choose this card, the crazy love at the beginning is not true

From the beginning, your love can not be regarded as a love that can grow up with each other, but rather drag each other down and indulge in the happy atmosphere.

But now, although it seems that the passion disappears and the feelings become dull, in fact, the love between the two of you is not going to the right direction from the beginning, while the relatively calm two of you, though false, may be able to find their fitness from another perspective, or find another exit.

4. Holy Grail five

The friends who chose this card, you are just busy with many things recently

In fact, you are not in the flow of love, but your ideas will delimit their own limit.

You haven't even reached that level, but maybe you've been cold recently, because you or the other party are temporarily turning their focus to other places, there's no way

Love as seriously as before, treat each other as seriously, and the other may know this situation, but also stay in place to wait and try not to disturb.

No matter you are the one who is waiting, or the one who is trying to fly forward, you don't have to decide too early that this love doesn't enter the stream!

5. Coin three (reverse)

The friends who choose this card need to think about it calmly

It's not so much that your love doesn't enter the current as that it just lacks direction. I don't know where to go.

At the moment when both of them are a little helpless, it's really empty to barely maintain the surface.

You are suitable for each other to calm down and think about whether the other party is really suitable for their own object and whether there is something to work together?

Or is this really the limit of two people, and there's no point in holding on?