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Test who can make you feel trapped

We are always looking forward to getting along with each other, because single love is really painful? But if the person you love doesn't understand you, and your outlook on life is different, you will also feel very painful? Love is so painful! So who can make you feel trapped?

If you are the owner of a convenience store and a beautiful girl comes into your store at night, what do you intuitively want her to do?

1. Buy magazines, newspapers or go shopping

2. Buy daily necessities

3. In store cash machine lead

4. Photocopy or fax

5. Buy instant noodles or drinks

Test results:

1. Choose 'buy magazines, newspapers or go shopping'

The dream lover of handsome men and beautiful women is Kexing: this type of person is quite perfectionist in love, he thinks that the first impression is very important, and also pays attention to feeling.

2. Choose 'buy daily necessities'

The cool lover who doesn't care about you is Ke Xing: this type of person actually has a rebellious character in his heart. He has great confidence in himself and likes to challenge his own limits. The more he ignores him in the pursuit process, the more he wants to challenge, but the biggest injury is himself

3. Select 'collect money at the ATM in the store'

The hard lover who insists too much on values is the conqueror: this type of person has mature personality in love, and will appreciate some people who are mature in dealing with others.

4. Select 'photocopy or fax'

'artist temperament and taste lover' is a killer: this type of person is actually very strange. He has his own perspective of appreciation, but he is often opposed by many people. Under the public opinion, he bears a lot of pressure.

5. Choose 'buy instant noodles or drinks'

Sunshine type but flower heart's rotten lover is a killer: this type of person is very sweet in the early stage of love, but when the love is deeper, the more hurt, because more reality will be found, and the reality is cruel, when breaking up, I will feel very shocked, how can this kind of thing happen to me.