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Test where your jealousy in love comes from

People are not sages, in the face of love, there will be more or less irrational. A lot of times, as long as we fall in love, we can't see a grain of sand in our eyes, and we can't see that our own one is good to others. Although sometimes, I know it's not good, but I can't restrain it. So, where does your love and jealousy come from?

1. Suppose you are a detective. Late at night, you get a call from someone with a strange voice. 'she' tells you: your friend Eric's house has a homicide. You should hurry up. What do you think this man is?

Passers BY-4

Eric's neighbor-3


2. When you arrive at the scene of the crime, you find that the rich are all living a normal life without any abnormality. How would you explain your intention?

Just passing by. Come and visit - 3

Explain the situation to him carefully - 4

Take one stroke, don't talk about it in depth-5

3. When you come to Eric's house, you find a visitor is visiting his house. You will?

Just sit down and have a chat with you - 5

Sit down for a while, get up and leave-4

Turn around and leave without stopping - 6

4. When you come to Eric's house, you find something unusual. What attracts your attention the most?

Clear dirty fingerprints on transparent windows-6

A large number of petals scattered in the inconspicuous part of the wardrobe-7

Radial bloodstains on make-up mirror-5

5. A false alarm, you will take this matter as?

Some prank-7

I feel like something will happen - 6

Maybe it's his opponent who's teasing himself-9

6. Just as you get up to leave, you suddenly hear a clear cry on the balcony. You ran to where, only to see Mr. Eric's wife standing on the balcony in fear. What do you think happened?

Mrs. Eric saw a strange assassin-10

Mrs. Eric suddenly slipped - 8

Nothing. Mrs. Eric just wanted to get attention. - 7

7. There was a sudden dull noise in the living room. You run back to the living room and find Mr. Eric's friend on the floor. The things around me are nothing different. Your preliminary decision?

This is a murder. - 9

Mr. Eric's friend has an emergency - 8

8. Just as everyone was busy comforting Mrs. Eric, Mr. Eric's friend suddenly fell to the ground. What strange behavior of the Eriks will attract your attention?

It's not urgent to send a friend to the hospital-10

I'm very flustered to ask you to testify for them: they didn't kill - 9

Open all doors and windows now-11

9. Who knows that night, Eric's friend was judged by the hospital as having an acute bronchitis attack. Which direction would you like to investigate this case?

The financial relationship between the Eriks and the deceased - 11

General health of the deceased - 10

The purpose of the deceased's coming to Eric's house that night - 13

10. It's not a few days since we started the investigation. We haven't got a clue yet. For what reason would you want to abandon the investigation of this case?

Direct pressure from senior figures - 12

Someone's been threatening you all the time. - 13

It's inconvenient for me to investigate considering my flirtatious relationship with eric-11

11. After your multiple investigations, it turns out that it was the Eriks who killed the dead with chemicals. Knowing this news, thinking of the years of friendship between you and Eric, would you?

Handle according to law - 13

Within the scope of the law, find a way to lighten their referee-14

Psychological dilemma - 12

12. If you were given a chance to choose again, would you still be involved in the investigation of the case?

Yes, because it's my responsibility - 13

I should be thinking about it. - 15

can't. It's hard for my friend to die when he's hurt. - 14

13. Eric and his wife were finally sentenced to death. Will you visit them for the last time the day before their execution?

Should be - 14

No - source of love and jealousy: strong self-confidence

14. Now that the story has developed, can you still remember the clues you saw, heard and noticed before?

I can hardly remember - 15

A little bit sporadic-16

Remember every clue clearly - source of love and jealousy: too serious character

15. Imagine, what is the most likely cause of this case?

The source of love and jealousy: too high emotional expectation


16. Who do you think gave you that strange anonymous call?

Erik and his wife - source of love and jealousy: over sensitive heart

The source of the deceased's own jealousy: inborn obstinacy

Test results:

Source of love and jealousy: strong self-confidence

Maybe you are good enough now. In people's constant praise of life, do not build a strong self-confidence. This makes you can no longer accept any negative news, so that you will have a strong jealousy towards those who 'steal' your love. Because in your opinion, whatever you really like should be yours. But in fact, there are too many things in the world that people don't want. If you want to get rid of this negative mood, you should put down your airs and communicate with people around you. Pay more attention to the real evaluation of you, you will become more and more lovely~

Love and jealousy: too serious character

From small to large, you are a child who works hard enough. Do not want to grasp every detail of life, want to make themselves perfect. Unconsciously, this attitude of working and learning also affects your emotional attitude. In your opinion, the other party must protect your love as hard as you do, and die as hard as you do. Every little bit of 'other' thinking from the other side will make you feel strong jealousy and finally say goodbye. In fact, your serious attitude towards life is certain. But for feelings, you have to learn to grasp the strength. Don't control each other anytime and anywhere, too much depressed love will not have a good result~

Source of love and jealousy: high emotional expectation

You always yearn for the beautiful and romantic plot in idol drama, although you often tell yourself that they are all illusory. But in fact, you've already mapped out the image of a perfect partner in your mind. Once you start to fall in love, you will feel that the other party should only be good to you, and it's better to ignore all the opposite sex around you. Otherwise, you will be jealous. Silly children, people have seven emotions and six desires. If you want to maintain a long love, discard your bubble expectations first.

Source of love and jealousy: over sensitive heart

You are a child who hides everything in his heart. Maybe you don't say anything on the surface. It seems that there is no difference. But in fact, when you see your partner playing with other heterosexuals, you have already knocked over the vinegar bottle in your heart, which is extremely awesome. The other side doesn't have any details that make you uncomfortable. You hide them in your heart one by one. Although they don't break out, they make you suffer from internal injuries. Dear people, don't be such a Taiyi about the little details in your relationship. Many times people do meaningless things. Let your life be a little easier. If you are not happy, just say it. Open your eyes and close your eyes to some things. Why are you so tired

Origin of love and jealousy: inborn obstinacy

You are a teacher's special person. You are not interested in those who come to you actively. The more you don't care, the more you love. See each other close to others, you will also surge a strong love and jealousy. Such persistence is meaningless. Think about if this person is so attentive to you at the beginning, will you still like this? Let's sort out your feelings ~ think about what you are envious of now is this love. Or just don't like a feeling you can't get.