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Test how your future husband looks

[Abstract] when you ask TA: 'why do you love me?' TA is likely to answer: 'there is no reason to love you, I just love you.' Does love really need no reason? Why does love at first sight happen? In addition to being infatuated with each other's appearance and temperament, why? However, we never admit that our love is superficial and starts from the outside, because we always want to show ourselves very noble. But external things are really important in love, so you should measure what your future partner looks like & hellip[ [detailed]

1. When you enter the fitting room, you suddenly find that the fitting room has become a random door. You have gone abroad. Will you?

A. Call the police first

B. Go around and have fun

C. Check if you have any money with you

2. What makes you feel the most unhappy when you are abroad?

A. Misunderstood as not Chinese

B. The food tastes terrible

C. Customs can't stand it

3. A person in a foreign country, language barrier, you will choose what way to communicate with people?

A. Try not to communicate

B. Intelligent translation function of mobile phone

C. Looking for Chinatown

4. If a person is bullied abroad, will you?

A. Ask the consulate for help

B. It's not serious

C. Find a way to return home

5. If you spend the Spring Festival abroad alone, what will you do?

A. But it's too late

B. Celebrate yourself

C. Find foreign friends and live with yourself

6. Which of the following three would you like to choose when dealing with foreigners?

A. A 16-year-old girl

B. Handsome young man

C. A kind middle-aged woman

7. How do you treat foreign festivals when you are abroad?

A. Spend time with friends

B. But

C. It depends

8. What is the easiest thing for you to adapt to when you are abroad?

A. Work and rest time

B. Food

C. Climate

9. What will you spend your money on abroad?

A. Dress

B. Food

C. Study

10. You don't have to worry about clothes, food, housing and transportation when you are suddenly thrown abroad. What's your feeling?

A. God given travel opportunities

B. God given learning opportunities

C. Language barrier, very boring

11. If you live abroad, do you know you will always return home and fall in love?

A. Yes

B. No

C. I don't know

12. There is enough money for you to study abroad. Will you still work during your study?

A. Yes

B. No

C. I don't know

13. When you live abroad, your clothes are always ridiculed. What will you do?

A. Hate others

B. Buy your own magazines to study

C. It doesn't matter

14. You have raised enough money to do some business abroad. What will you do?

A. Open a Chinese Restaurant

B. Open a cheongsam shop

C. Do nothing

15. Before returning home, will you bring valuable gifts for your family?

A. Yes

B. No, just buy some features

C. I don't know. It depends

16. Will you pay more attention to your words and deeds when you are abroad?

A. Yes, I don't want to disgrace my country

B. No, it doesn't matter

C. I usually pay great attention to my words and deeds

17. What do you miss most when you are abroad?

A. Diet

B. Lifestyle

C. Local accent

18. What will you bring with you when you are abroad?

A. Family album

B. Pajamas at home

C. Own bear loose

19. Don't you want to get along with enthusiastic people when you are abroad?

A. Yes, that's dangerous

B. No, I'm happy to make friends

C. I don't know

20. When a person is abroad and meets a fellow countryman of the motherland, the other party has a general attitude towards you. Will you still be very enthusiastic about TA?

A. Yes

B. No

C. I don't know


Your future TA is a standard spareribs. TA has no meat at all. His collarbone is prominent. Take off his clothes. You can see the ribs on his body clearly one by one. His hands and legs are as thin as hemp poles. TA is really a good shelf for clothes. Aren't many famous models skinny? Just when TA takes off his clothes, you will feel very distressed for TA. I want to let TA eat five meals a day to gain weight.


Your future TA is a baby bear. TA's thick palm and fleshy face are very Q, very cute, but although fat, they don't seem stupid at all. TA's palm is the warmest, and TA's temperature is the hottest. TA's personality is gentle and friendly. All fat people are easier to get along with, aren't they? TA is the same. Being with TA not only makes you feel very comfortable, but also the people around you are happy to be with TA.


Your future TA is as like as two peas. In appearance, Ta is really impeccable. Like the cake made by the master, it is very attractive. The beautiful color is like the beautiful complexion of TA, the beautiful lines are like the gentle outline of TA, and the lovely shape is like the exquisite facial features of TA. In short, Ta is loved by everyone. You should guard TA well. So many people are salivating for TA. If you are too careless, TA will leave.


Your future TA is a little rough. TA's appearance is similar to TA's personality, which is the so-called phase is generated by the heart. TA has no delicate outline and perfect appearance, but with TA, you will feel secure inexplicably. TA's beauty is distributed from the inside out. TA is a kind of good-looking type. At first glance, it's not very good. If you always face TA, you will think that TA looks better the more you see it.


Your future TA is a little different. TA's facial features are not beautiful. In fact, people's aesthetic outlook is very different from that in the past. You don't have to have big eyes, high nose and full lips to be good-looking. In fact, as long as the facial features are coordinated together, this person is good-looking. The pursuit of exquisite beauty to cosmetic surgery is blind tossing. People can't all look the same. Everyone copied according to the standard of beauty is the same. It's not true at all. There's nothing to look at at at all.


Your future TA matches you very much. What you look like, Ta is what you look like. You are a very married couple. When others look at you and Ta, they know you are a couple. You are very matched. It is sweet to see you together. If you are too close in words or actions, others already envy you both very much. You should have been together. Each other is the absolute other half of each other's life.