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Whether you are immature from buying clothes

When buying clothes, what will you choose as the main basis?

A. Brand

B. Popular

C. Color

D. Style

E. Price

Type A.. Basically, you can be regarded as a mature person. Although your ability and performance are not ideal in some aspects, you can still make unremitting efforts to advance towards the goal. However, you may think that you are a mature person, but sometimes you will show the feeling of childishness when you act unintentionally, so it is easy to be labeled as a child and naive.

Type b.. You are a typical person whose efforts are not enough. You are not a mature person. Your psychological maturity is still in the embryonic stage. If you start to cultivate actively from now on, you will certainly have a great future.

Type C.. Your whole body exudes mature and charming breath, but it can't be said to be completely mature, because you are still easy to be emotional for a moment.

Type d.. You are a mature person in mind. You are energetic and confident every day. At the same time, you are trusted by your friends. The only drawback is that your attitude towards daily life and even life is a little bit serious.

Type e.. At first glance, it seems that your manners and actions are full of mature flavor. However, in fact, you are absolutely dependent on others. You have no way to recognize yourself and position yourself. You are a person who has no opinion at all. I suggest you express your own opinions more.