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You can tell your character by ordering

In fact, a person's character is not difficult to see, often in the small details of life can see a person's character, we together with the small editor to test. When you go to a restaurant or hotel with friends or other people, you usually order:

A. Regardless of others, just order what you want

B. Order the same dish as others

C. Say what you want first

D. First of all, according to the surrounding situation and change

E. Hesitant and slow to order

F. Ask the assistant to explain the dishes before ordering

test result

Type A - you are an optimistic, totally informal person. Do things decisively, but it is difficult to say whether they are right. After looking at the price, people who make a quick decision are reasonable; those who choose what they want to eat are enjoyable; those who decide only by comparing price and content are stingy.

Type B - this kind of person is mostly following the crowd type and doing things carefully. Often ignore the existence of the self. People who are not confident in their own ideas and often comply with others' opinions immediately are easily influenced by others.

Type C is straightforward and open-minded. Things that are hard to talk about can be easily said as if nothing had happened. This kind of person treats people freely. Maybe it's for people's sake. Sometimes I'm sharp and I won't be hated.

Type D - you are a cautious and hesitant person in work and making friends. This type of person gives the impression of being weak. The imagination is rich, but it is too rigid in details and lacks the consciousness of grasping the overall situation.

Type E - meticulous work, safety first. But your caution is often due to over consideration of the other party's position. You can sincerely listen to other people's advice, but you should not forget your own point of view.

F-type ~ people with strong self-esteem hate the command of others, and always insist on their own opinions before doing anything. Do anything to be extraordinary. Work actively, in the treatment of people, pay attention to the face of both sides.