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Test how naive you are

If you are a wolf in a fairy tale who wants to eat three little pigs, which way do you think you can eat them? (the answer is below)

1. Smoke the piglet until it faints;

2. Wait for the piglet to come out without warning;

3. Sneak up the chimney to the window;

4. Smash the whole door with a mallet;

5. Imitate the voice of mother pig to trick the door.

Answer: 1 smoke the pig to faint: you live in the fairy tale world, childish to the extreme, let everyone worry. Your childishness index is 99%: people of this type walk by feeling and do whatever they want. Collection and arrangement of medical education network

2 wait for piggy not to guard oneself to come out: you are not only not childish, and mature too head, careful not to grow old first. Your childishness index is 20%: people of this type have learned to let go of many things, and it's useless to strive for compulsion, so they will do anything in the way of waiting, whether it's work or love.

Sneak into the window from the chimney: you know that you are not small, you must learn to be independent. Your childishness index is 55%: this type of person knows to use methods to do things, and he will slowly let himself learn and grow on the way of life.

Smash the whole door with a mallet: you won't know if you can't grow up until you are hit and covered with scars. Your childishness index is 80%: this type of person is more mature on the surface, but in fact, it is very childish in the heart.

Imitate mother pig's voice and cheat to open the door: your mind is mature enough to be someone else's spiritual mentor. Your childishness index is 40%: this type of person will use words to communicate with others for further conversation. When dealing with things, they will be very patient and be able to grasp human nature.