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Good life women online test minute second answer

Are you a good woman in your life?

Title: if you have a rich lover who decides to give you a car as a birthday present, you will (please go back to the unmarried age if you are married):

[a] No. Show that you do not love his money, or do not want to owe him.

[b] now I am very happy to accept his kindness and ask him what kind of car he is.

[C] accept his kindness half heartedly, and in the future, he will want to make equal return

Good life women online test answer


Refuse. Show that you don't love his money, or don't want to owe him -- you are a girl who has been taught by traditional family, your respect is more serious than everything. However, over time, you are likely to make a man feel that you don't need him. It's hard for you to get the benefits of men from both sexes.


At present, I am very happy to accept his kindness - you are always naive and lively, and you are also very pleasing to men. You are used to accepting men's help, and you never suffer losses in the relationship. Never think that you will have a day for love without bread.


Accept his kindness, but in the future, you will want to have equal return in spirit -- in your opinion, the spiritual and material boundary is very vague, as long as a man is good to you, or has been good to you, you will die for him.