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On the character of Aries

'Aries? It's terrible! They're angry, violent and look down on people. They'd better stay away and be careful.'

If you don't think so, you may lose someone who is willing to give your life. Burned by Mars, Aries is by no means the kind of cold-blooded maniac people imagine!

There are two inner worlds in Aries: the world of hate and the world of love. The external world and inner world of Aries are synchronous, but because his hate is more obvious, so that his love side is covered up.

Aries is very kind. He always thinks of others in his heart. He is willing to make others better by wronging himself. But because he can't hide his feelings and fight for everything, he will show his dissatisfaction immediately. Therefore, he can't do all the beautiful things and become a good man. On the contrary, he will eventually get a piece of dust. For example, Aries wants to watch a love series, you want to see a science and education film, and so on You start to crack down on fake products to see what's going on. If you insist on watching science and education movies, Aries will make a lot of noise and scold, and finally turn off the TV. Aries thought to himself, TV is not for you, why don't you allow me to watch it?! if you don't let me watch it, you don't want to watch it either! But if Aries gets the upper hand and takes a fancy to the love series, and you walk away in silence, you will feel sorry and feel sorry for you You are not happy, so let you see. In a word, Aries pays more attention to form than substance, and is extremely intolerant of others challenging his authority.

In fact, Aries is the kind of people who want face and suffer. Face is more important than Aries' life! The most intolerable thing for Aries is that others belittle him and look down on him! Who can yell at Aries for 24 hours. For example, if the boss blames Aries improperly, then Aries will fiercely blame the boss, and blame more happily. The boss scolds him, he can blame his boss 10 sentences! When the boss fired the bad employee, Aries not only did not feel sad, but also had a strong feeling: "although I lost my job, it was worth losing! I scolded my boss in front of so many people, which was really a show of face! Well, my colleagues must still be talking about my heroic deeds & hellip; & hellip; 'as he looked for a new job, he thought and thought about it. He couldn't help laughing. Then he swaggered and was elated. He felt that he was really amazing and extraordinary!