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How to cut squid? Practical tips for cutting squid

How to cut squid? Practical tips for cutting squid. First of all, we must distinguish the inside and the outside of squid, because if we cut the outside, the squid is tireless, it is straight squid.

First of all, it's to make a oblique knife. You can't drag the knife down with one knife. You should move fast and the force should be uniform.

After one side, rotate the squid 90 & deg; and cut it again. Pay attention to brother Fu's hand, that is, the forefinger presses the knife, so that the knife will be stable and the force will be equal.

Cut a piece of squid, then cut it in a triangle shape according to the pattern.

Once the squid is cooked, it will roll up.

Wow, it's not bad. It rolls up naturally as soon as the oil is gone.

There are several tips for cutting squid

1. Cut the inside of the squid, not the outside.

2. The way to hold the knife is to press the knife body with the index finger, apply force evenly, and do not drag the knife.

3. When cutting, cut triangle with oblique knife.

The squid will roll beautifully.