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What can fry eggplant blacken? How can you keep the charming purple of fried eggplant?

Everyone has eaten fried eggplant. The color of fried eggplant made in the hotel is really tempting. But the color of eggplant made at home is so ugly. It turns black inside and the purple of skin has long been lost. So why is it so hard to keep the charming purple color of eggplant skin? (not only to keep the meat inside from blackening, ha ha

It turns out that there is a kind of substance called 'phenoloxidase' in eggplant. When it sees oxygen, it will react with the abundant phenolic substances in eggplant to produce some colored substances. The longer the reaction time, the darker the color, from red to brown, from brown to black. Although this enzyme is obnoxious, it also has weaknesses: one is afraid of high temperature, two is afraid of acid, three is afraid of vitamin C, fourth, there is no oxygen can 'do bad things'. Master this law, you can easily subdue it.

So we should first cut the eggplant, that is, add vitamin C, where is it? Lemon contains a lot of vitamin C, some people say they can't buy it, then use vinegar, vinegar can protect the vitamin C of eggplant, and the enzymes in eggplant are also afraid of acid, so you can see that I add lemon, vinegar and tomato for insurance.

So, is it too early to handle the eggplant well? It's still early! In fact, the most important thing is to master the skills when frying eggplant in the pot. Many people only stir fry eggplant for a while and then add water to boil it. In that case, the enzyme in the eggplant will continue to produce chemical reaction, and the eggplant will change color immediately. So how to do it? Please see the summary below.

First, soak: when soaking, salt and vinegar should be added to the water. I also added lemon with a large amount of VC. All of these have antioxidant effect, so that the eggplant does not blacken. The soaking time is about 15 minutes.

Second, prepare the seasoning in advance: I put beef Douchi chili sauce, you can also choose other sauce to enhance the flavor, there is a small amount of soy sauce coloring, sugar to add freshness, flour to make eggplant soft cotton.

Third, stir fry eggplant: stir fry tomato first, use its vitamin, and then you can protect eggplant. When frying eggplant, you must have a big fire. With the increase of oil temperature, the temperature of eggplant rises quickly. When it exceeds 70 ℃, most of the enzymes lose their activity. Add in the vitamin C in the tomato and the acid in the vinegar, and it won't have a chance to mess up. Even if the eggplant is not peeled, the color is not good.

Fourth, remember to add the adjusted juice three times: the method of stir frying is very important, eggplant should be quickly stir fried after the pot, next, remember, do not pour all the mixed juice, it is easy to make eggplant skin black, because you add more juice, the temperature in the pot will drop rapidly, at this time, if the enzyme inside is not dead, it will quickly mess up, so the eggplant juice should be added in three times.

Finally, it is enough to cover and simmer for half a minute, because the time before frying has made the eggplant a little soft. Finally, it can make the eggplant more tasty and delicious by slightly stewing.