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A delicious recipe for detoxification and slimming

What is Detox food? What is Detox food? What is beauty food? Let's take a look at the following slim recipes

(1) Pig blood

Pig blood is rich in plasma protein, which can produce the function of detoxification and moistening intestines after being decomposed by stomach acid and digestive system. It will cause all harmful substances that are harmful to the body to die out.

(2) Edible fungi

Auricularia auricula (edible fungus) is often used to remove toxic substances and toxins in the blood and body.

(3) Fresh juice

After eating enough fresh juice, it can make the blood alkaline, and also can make the blood cytotoxin dissolve.

(4) Beans

Mung bean can excrete toxins, increase metabolism, protect liver, clear liver and reduce fire.