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How does pregnant woman eat chafing dish the healthiest?

The weather is getting colder and colder. We all fall in love with eating hot pot. Our expectant mother is also greedy. When people eat hot pot, they are used to put the fresh and tender meat slices into the boiling soup and eat them with a little heat. This short heating can not kill the Toxoplasma gondii larvae in the cells of the meat slices. After eating, the larvae can pass through the intestinal wall and spread to the whole body with the blood.

Toxoplasma gondii larvae are often invisible to the naked eye in muscle cells. When pregnant women are infected, there is no obvious discomfort, or only symptoms similar to cold, but the larvae can be transmitted to the fetus through the placenta. In severe cases, miscarriage and stillbirth may occur, or malformations such as microcephalus, macrocephalia (hydrocephalus) or anencephaly may occur due to affecting the development of fetal brain.

Expectant mother to see here is very worried, pregnancy can eat hot pot, how to eat is safe? Next I'll tell you.

Generally, it is not recommended for expectant mothers to eat hot pot. If they want to eat, they should pay attention to the following points:

Don't stretch out your hand when the hot pot is too far away

If the position of hot pot is too far away from you, don't stretch out your hand to burn food reluctantly, so as not to increase the pressure on your waist and back, causing fatigue and soreness on your waist and back. You'd better ask your husband or friend to do it for you.

Add a pair of chopsticks

Expectant mothers should try their best to avoid using the same pair of chopsticks to take raw food and eat, which is easy to bring bacteria contaminated on raw food into the belly and cause diarrhea and other diseases.

Home hot pot is the most hygienic

Expectant mothers like to eat hot pot, it is best to prepare it at home, in addition to the soup and materials should be arranged by themselves, food hygiene is also the most important. Remember, no matter in the restaurant or at home when eating hot pot, any food must be cooked thoroughly before eating.

Reduce food intake and help digestion

Vomiting and nausea may occur during pregnancy, so the digestive capacity of the stomach naturally decreases. When eating hot pot, if the mother to be has a bad appetite, she should slow down her eating speed and reduce the amount of food to avoid indigestion and discomfort.

Eat hot pot must also speak order

It's better to drink half a cup of fresh juice before eating, then eat vegetables, and then meat. Only in this way can we make rational use of food nutrition, reduce gastrointestinal burden and achieve the purpose of healthy diet.