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How to make northeast stew? How to make delicious northeast stew?

How to make northeast stew? What kind of dish is northeast stew? How to make delicious northeast stew? Northeast stew is northeast cuisine, which means "stew", that is, beans, potatoes, eggplants, green peppers, tomatoes, fungus and other vegetables, stewed together with ribs until cooked. Northeast stew is simple and easy to cook, with meat and vegetables, rich in nutrition, delicious and fragrant. It is a common northeast domestic dish, and also one of the favorite new year dishes for northeast people.

Food materials

1. It must be pork.

2. Northeast sauce or soybean sauce.

3. All dishes (except potatoes and carrots) should be torn by hand, which is easy to taste in the process of cooking and does not damage the nutrition of the dishes.

Materials can be put according to their own preferences, all kinds of vegetables, meat can be.

Streaky pork (fat, thin separate), big meal, pepper, cinnamon, soy sauce, onion.

Production method

1. Tear the eggplant into small pieces, cut the kidney bean into small pieces, and cut the tomato into small pieces. Remove the seeds and tendons of pepper and cut into pieces. Cut the turnip into rhombus and set aside. Soak the powder in boiling water.

2. Leave 250 grams of oil in the pot and heat it to 50% boil. First put the eggplant into the pot and fry it soft. Then take out the control oil. Then fry the kidney beans. When the kidney beans are soft, take out the control oil.

3. Leave a little base oil in the pot, put it into the scallion ginger frying pan, and then add soy sauce, salt, chicken essence, fresh soup, and braised pork to boil. Add eggplant, kidney beans, turnip, and broad flour to stew for 15 minutes, and then add tomato and pepper to stew for 5 minutes. Pour sesame oil when out of the pot.

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