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Which local dish is steamed bamboo tube fish? What kind of dish is steamed bamboo tube fish?

Which local dish is steamed bamboo tube fish? What kind of dish is steamed bamboo tube fish? How to make steamed bamboo tube fish? Steamed bamboo tube fish is Hunan local dish, which belongs to Hunan cuisine. It is fresh and tender, soft and delicious, with unique flavor. We introduce the method of steamed bamboo tube fish.

Food materials

Ingredient: 1250g bighead carp.

Accessories: 100g fat meat, 50g glutinous rice, 50g japonica rice.

Seasoning: 5 g star anise, 50 g cooking wine, 8 g salt, 2 g monosodium glutamate, 3 g Sugar, 50 g bean paste, 15 g green onion, 15 g ginger, 15 g garlic, 50 g sesame oil, 100 g chili oil, 100 g vinegar.

Production technology

Steamed bamboo tube fish with flour is very simple. As long as you follow the recipe step by step, you will enjoy a delicious dish

1. Put glutinous rice, japonica rice and large materials into the pot, stir fry them with warm fire, cool them in the air, and grind them into fine powder. Cut the fat meat into thin strips. Cut green onion into flowers and ginger into rice. Peel the garlic, smash and chop.

two Remove the gills and fins of the fat fish, open the mouth, remove the internal organs, wash them, put them into the boiling water, remove the skin film, and then wash them with clean water. First remove the head and tail, remove the back bone of the fish, chop them into 5cm long, 2cm wide, 3cm thick slices, add cooking wine, fat shredded pork, salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar, bean paste, scallion, minced ginger, garlic, mix well, and then add incense Rice noodles, so that each piece of fish are covered with rice noodles.

3. Prepare a clean bamboo tube, put a few bamboo leaves in the tube, put 3 pieces of rice noodle fish into the tube, cover the tube, steam in boiling water for 20 minutes, then take out. Remove the lid, cover with scallion and sesame oil, put the steamed fish with bamboo powder in the mat, one for each person, and add two small bowls of chili oil and ginger vinegar.

The editor of will write here about where the steamed fish is from and what kind of cuisine it is. The food editor of will introduce the steamed fish in detail in the next article. Welcome to check.