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What kind of food is shredded pork? Where is shredded pork and peeled pork?

What kind of food is shredded pork? What kind of food is shredded pork? How to make shredded pork? Shredded pork is northeast food, which is bright in color, hot and sour, and well-known. Now we introduce the method of skin pulling of shredded pork.

Manufacturing materials

Main ingredients: pork (lean) (250g) vermicelli (250g)

Accessories: jellyfish head (100g), mung bean sprouts (100g), radish (30g), spinach (30g)

Seasoning: sesame paste (20g), chili oil (10g), soy sauce (15g), vinegar (10g), shrimp (15g), sesame oil (10g), cucumber (20g), vegetable oil (20g)

Production technology

1. Cut the pork into shreds, heat the vegetable oil in the frying spoon, put in the shredded pork, stir fry and set aside. Cut the head of jellyfish into shreds, blanch it in boiling water and remove it. Blanch the rice in boiling water and take it out. Cut the cucumber into slices. Wash mung bean sprouts, blanch and remove. Wash the spinach, blanch it thoroughly, soak it in cold water, remove the water and cut it into sections. Wash and shred radish.

2. Put the powder on the plate, then put the jellyfish, cucumber, radish, spinach and mung bean sprouts around the powder, and then put the shredded meat on the powder.

3. Dilute the sesame paste and garlic paste with water, pour them into the plate, and then add the steamed glutinous rice, coriander, soy sauce, vinegar, chili oil and sesame oil into the plate.

The editor of Sihai will write here about where is the dish of shredded pork? In the next article, the food editor of Sihai will introduce in detail the problem of shredded pork. Welcome to check.