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What kind of dish is the osmanthus melon slice? How to make delicious melon slices?

What kind of cuisine is the rhinoceros sliced? How to make delicious rhinoceros sliced? What kind of cuisine is the rhinoceros sliced? The rhinoceros sliced is a Shandong local cuisine, belonging to the Shandong cuisine department, with beautiful color and light fragrance. Now let's introduce the production method of the rhinoceros sliced.

Ingredients: egg 150g, cucumber 150g

Seasoning: green onion 10 g, pepper 3 G, cooking wine 5 g, salt 3 G, soybean oil 30 g, MSG 2 g

Production technology

1. Knock the eggs into a bowl and mix well;

2. Wash cucumber and cut into rhombic slices;

3. Heat the frying spoon on the fire, pour in the egg liquid, fry well, and put it into a bowl;

4. Add oil and heat in the frying spoon, put the scallion into the frying pan, pour in the cucumber slices, add cooking wine, water soaked in pepper and salt, and stir fry a few times;

5. Pour in the scrambled eggs, stir well, add flavor to the hardcover plate.

After reading the above content, you should have some understanding of what kind of food is rhinoceros slices? How to make delicious rhinoceros slices? Today we will introduce it here. More topics about home food will be introduced in the following article. Welcome to check. Wish you a happy life!