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Where is jade dish grilled spareribs? How to make jade dish grilled spareribs?

Where is Yucai grilled shark's fin? Where is Yucai grilled shark's fin? What is Yucai grilled shark's fin? How to make Yucai grilled shark's fin? Yucai grilled shark's fin is Shandong local dish, which belongs to Shandong cuisine. Shark's fin is smooth and delicious, cabbage is soft and rotten, fresh and refreshing, and shark's fin is eaten together, which has a unique flavor. Xiaobian shares with you the method of making jade dish grilled spareribs.

Main ingredients: Chinese Cabbage (Qingkou) 500g shark fin (dry) 500g salt 5g starch (PEA) 10g vegetable oil 10g linseed oil 10g

Production process:

1. Chinese cabbage heart all two half, each row four knife, put 50% hot oil fried to moisture.

2. Take out the clear soup, marinate it with refined salt for five minutes, collect the soup, take out the water and put it in a large soup plate.

3. Add the shark fin and soup into the cage, steam thoroughly, and decant the soup;

4. Add Chinese prickly ash oil to the spoon, heat it, add the soup to taste, add the spareribs and simmer them over low heat, thicken them with starch, pour the oil, and cover the cabbage.

Diet nutrition:

Chinese Cabbage (Qingkou): Chinese cabbage is an indispensable home food on the table nowadays. Chinese cabbage has high nutritional value and is rich in vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin C, calcium and dietary fiber. For skin care, beauty, prevent female breast cancer, Runchang detoxification, etc., have great effect. Chinese traditional medicine also believes that Chinese cabbage can nourish the stomach and generate fluid, relieve thirst, diuresis and defecate, clear heat and detoxify. Eat more cabbage, can also prevent and treat constipation, prevent hemorrhoids and colon cancer.

Shark's fin (dry): shark's fin is rich in gelatinous, refreshing and smooth, which is a high-grade food with high protein, low sugar and low fat. Shark's fin is rich in collagen, which is beneficial to nourish and soften skin and mucous membrane. It is a good beauty food. Shark's fin is sweet and salty. It has a flat nature. It can infiltrate dampness and move water. It can appetize and eat. It can clear phlegm and eliminate fish accumulation. It can nourish the five internal organs, increase waist strength and benefit tuberculosis.

After reading the above content, we should have some understanding of what kind of dish is Yucai Pai Chi? Where is Yucai Pai Chi? More about the topic of home food, Sihai Xiaobian will continue to introduce in the following article!