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What kind of cuisine is cured meat steamed together? How to steam cured meat?

Steamed bacon is one of the famous traditional dishes in Hunan Province. It is made by adding chicken soup and seasoning into a bowl of bacon, preserved chicken and preserved fish. Xu Rui said that cured meat is a special product of Hunan Province, mainly including pig, cattle, chicken, fish, duck and other varieties. Steaming the three kinds of cured meat together is called "steamed cured meat". When eating, it has a strong flavor, salty and sweet taste, and is flexible and not greasy. It is the first choice for delivering meals.

Food ingredients: 200g meat clear soup 25g chicken 200g monosodium glutamate 0.5g preserved carp 200g

Cured meat and steamed lard 25g, sugar 15g

Production method

1. Wash the preserved meat, chicken and fish with warm water, put them into the pot and tile, steam and take them out. Remove the bone of the preserved chicken, peel the preserved meat, and scale the preserved fish; cut the bacon into 4 cm long and 0.7 cm thick slices, and cut the preserved chicken and fish into strips of similar size.

2. Take a porcelain dish bowl and arrange the bacon, chicken and fish in a bowl with their skin facing down. Then put the cooked lard, sugar and meat soup mixed with good flavor into the cage and steam them until rotten. Take them out and fold them into a large porcelain plate.

be careful

1. Cured meat is one of the main characteristics of Hunan Province. It has a variety of raw materials, mainly including pig, cattle, chicken, fish, wild duck and other varieties. Preparation of preserved pork: 5000 grams of pork are washed, filtered, cut into 5 large strips, 250 grams of refined salt, 10 grams of pepper, 1.5 grams of salt and 50 grams of white sugar. After 4 days of pickling, the pork is turned over once, and then pickled for 3 days. After that, it is washed with water. One end of the pork is tied with hemp rope and hung in the sun for 2 days. Then it is hung in the fumigation room. Sawdust, dried fruit shell or chaff shell are used as smoke materials for continuous fumigation for 36 hours, Each pork is smoked yellow, that is, bacon.

Cured chicken:

Cut the clean chicken from the back of the spine, remove the food bag and viscera, and cut the thick part of the thigh to make the seasoning tasty. The curing method is the same as that of bacon.

Cured fish:

Cut 500 grams of fresh fish from the back of each fish to remove gills and viscera, wash and filter water, mix with 250 grams of refined salt, 10 grams of pepper seeds, 1.5 grams of salt and 50 grams of white sugar. After 3 days of pickling, wash them, hang them in the sun for 2 days, and then hang them in the fumigation room to continue to smoke for 36 hours.

2. After removing the body bone and then the leg bone, the preserved chicken must be cut close to the bone and pay attention to keep the chicken shape intact. Remove scales, spine and sternum, and keep the shape of the fish. The bacon is in the middle, the preserved fish is on the left, and the preserved chicken is placed on the right, which is orderly discharged into the bowl.

3. Add dried red pepper, beans, steamed more fragrant.

4. The variety of cured meat is varied and can be changed.

5. Cover the steamer tightly and steam it over medium heat for about 1 hour


1. Wax carp tastes salty, so it is not suitable to add salt for seasoning when making cured meat and steaming, so as to avoid salty and bitter dishes.

2. Before steaming, remove the bone bones of the carp to avoid sticking.

3. Should choose a thinner bacon, can avoid the dish too greasy, and difficult to import.

4. After the cured meat is steamed on the table, eat it while it is hot, otherwise the lard will solidify when it gets cold, and it will be very greasy to eat.

5. Steaming cured meat with chicken soup or stock can make the cured meat more delicious and tasty, and the soup will be more fragrant.