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How to make beef tender? Beef and wine are more delicious

How to make beef tender? Beef and wine are more delicious! Beef tastes delicious, but due to the rough fiber tissue, it is most afraid to chew beef at home after import. There is a lot of stress in making beef fresh and tender. Teach you some cooking skills to make delicious beef!

First of all, choose the meat. Generally, tenderloin is more suitable for frying, and leg meat and hip meat are more suitable for cooking sauce and stewing. When cutting meat, cut strips along the grain and slice horizontally.

To make the beef tender, the first and most commonly used method is' sizing '. Sizing is to wrap a layer of paste made of starch and eggs on the outside of beef slices, which can preserve the moisture in raw materials. If 250 grams of beef is used, 10 grams of wine, an appropriate amount of salt and monosodium glutamate, an egg and 20 grams of starch can be put into the meat slices in turn. Stir until there is a layer of transparent film like paste on the surface of the meat. Some people like to add baking soda when sizing for the sake of tenderness. After adding, grasp and mix repeatedly by hand, and add water after more than ten minutes.

The second method is to add some oil when sizing and mixing meat, and put it for 1-2 hours. In this way, the oil will penetrate into the meat. When frying, the oil in the meat will destroy the crude fiber due to expansion, and the meat will be much more fresh and tender. When frying beef, you should have more oil, heat and high fire. You can cook it medium rare.

The third is to dilute the flour with beer before frying beef, pour it on the meat slices, mix well and put it for 30 minutes. Enzymes in beer can decompose protein and increase the freshness of beef.

Do you understand these ways to make beef tender? There are more home-made recipes and cooking skills to teach you. Come and learn!