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How to make steamed scallops? How to make steamed scallops?

How to make steamed scallops? How to make steamed scallops? Scallop is a popular seafood food with delicate meat and delicious taste. Let's share a delicious scallop meal - steamed scallop. Let's learn how to steam scallops.

Steamed scallop raw materials: 20 scallops, 100g vermicelli, two cloves of garlic, 50g edible oil, appropriate amount of salt and monosodium glutamate

Steamed scallops: first prepare vermicelli, cook them in boiling water, rinse them under cold water, and then stand by. Wash scallops, shred scallions and ginger, put some shredded scallops and ginger on scallops and steam in a steamer. If there is no steamer, you can also steam with other appliances. Wait until the scallop meat turns white. Don't steam it too long. The scallop meat will shrink for 5-10 minutes. After loading the basin, spread the vermicelli on the scallops, depending on your preference.

At the same time, add oil into the pot, add the remaining onion, ginger and a little chili sauce until the flavor comes out, add soy sauce, add the scallop juice left when steaming scallops, heat to boiling, and pour it directly on scallops.