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What are autumn and winter detoxification diet?

What are the recipes for detoxification and weight loss in autumn and winter? Female friends can only make their skin delicate, tender, ruddy and glossy without applying fat powder. Therefore, for women, blood detoxification is extremely important. In the dry autumn and winter season, which fruits and vegetables are more helpful to detoxification? Take a look at the four detoxification fruits and vegetables that experts introduce to us.

Antioxidant activity of pomegranate juice

Israel Research Institute confirmed that drinking 100 ml pomegranate juice every day for two weeks can slow down the oxidation process by 40% and reduce the deposited oxidized cholesterol. Even if you stop drinking, this strange effect will continue for a month. Pomegranate juice is a more effective antioxidant juice than red wine, tomato juice, vitamin E and so on. It is one of the important substances to eliminate cardiovascular toxins. Pomegranate juice contains much more polyphenols than green tea. It is a 'superstar' in anti-aging and cancer prevention.

Eat mulberry to prevent constipation

According to traditional Chinese medicine, mulberry is sweet and sour in taste and cold in nature. It has the functions of tonifying liver and kidney, nourishing blood and body fluid, nourishing liquid and eliminating wind, moistening intestines and defecating, and can effectively prevent constipation. Modern studies also believe that mulberry can regulate the immune function, promote the growth of hematopoietic cells, reduce blood lipid, protect liver and other functions. Habitual constipation can be appropriate amount of fresh mulberry, wash juice, take 15 ml each time.

Pakchoi toxin

The minerals contained in Pakchoi can promote the development of bones, accelerate the metabolism of human body and enhance the hematopoietic function of the body, smooth the intestines and stomach, facilitate defecation, accelerate detoxification, and is beneficial to bone health. According to the determination, Pakchoi is the most mineral and vitamin rich vegetable. The calcium content of Chinese cabbage is twice that of Chinese cabbage, the vitamin C content is more than three times that of Chinese cabbage, the carotene content is 74 times that of Chinese cabbage, and the sugar and carbohydrate content of Chinese cabbage is slightly lower than that of Chinese cabbage.

Eat cauliflower to strengthen spleen and stomach

Cauliflower has the functions of strengthening spleen and stomach, clearing lung and throat, clearing heat and detoxification. It is more suitable for those with spleen deficiency, stomach heat, bad breath and thirst caused by autumn dryness. Cauliflower contains a variety of vitamins, cellulose, carotene and trace element selenium, which are beneficial to anti-cancer and anti-cancer. Broccoli contains more vitamin C, protein and carotene, which can improve cellular immune function. Foreign studies also found that cauliflower can reduce the level of estrogen, can prevent the occurrence of breast cancer.