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The method and nutrition of steamed white fish

Methods and nutrition of steamed white fish. What kind of food is steamed white fish? What kind of food is steamed white fish? Steamed white fish is northeast food, with bright colors, white meat, delicate and delicious, and light soup. Here we introduce the method and nutrition of steamed white fish.

Manufacturing materials

Ingredients: white fish (700g);

Accessories: fat meat (50g), yulanpian (25g), ham (25g), rape (20g);

Seasoning: cooking wine (20g), pepper (3G), salt (3G), monosodium glutamate (2G), vinegar (10g), scallion (15g), ginger (30g).

Production technology

1. Clean up the live white fish, scald it in a boiling water pan, remove it, scrape the black skin and wash it, put a cross knife on both sides, put it into the container, add fat meat, yulanpian, ham, rape section, refined salt, cooking wine, Zanthoxylum, 2G rice vinegar, 15g scallion, ginger, 300g chicken clear soup, steam them in the drawer, and remove the scallion, ginger and fat meat.

2. Put the fish lightly in the soup bowl, drain the original soup into the frying spoon, keep it boiling, skim the floating foam, add monosodium glutamate and pour it into the fish bowl, then place the slices of Yulan, ham and rape on the fish alternately, and bring 15 grams of rice vinegar and ginger rice to serve.

dietary nutrition

White fish: in addition to delicious taste, white fish has high medicinal value, which has the functions of tonifying kidney and brain, inducing resuscitation and diuresis; especially fish brain is a rare strong tonic, which has special curative effect on sexual decline and imbalance. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the meat of white fish tastes sweet and warm. It has the effects of appetizing, invigorating the spleen, promoting diuresis and eliminating edema. It can treat emaciation, edema and postpartum cramps.

Fat meat: fat meat contains a variety of fatty acids, which can provide very high calories, and contains protein, B vitamins, vitamin E, vitamin A, calcium, iron, phosphorus, selenium and other nutrients; but fat pork has high cholesterol and fat content, so it is not suitable to eat more, while fat people and those with high blood fat are not suitable to eat.

Yulanpian: yulanpian is rich in protein, vitamins, crude fiber, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron, sugar and other nutrients. Moreover, from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, yulanpian is sweet in taste, flat in nature, and can also relieve asthma and phlegm.

Ham: the color of ham is bright, red and white, lean meat is fragrant, salty and sweet, fat meat is fragrant but not greasy, delicious, various nutrients are easy to be absorbed by the human body, with the functions of nourishing stomach and body fluid, tonifying kidney and Yang, strengthening bone marrow, strengthening foot strength, healing wound, etc.

Rape: rape is rich in calcium, iron and vitamin C. In addition, carotene is also very rich. It is an important nutrient source for human mucous membrane and epithelial tissue to maintain growth. It is very helpful to resist excessive keratosis of skin. People who love beauty may as well eat more rape. Rape also has the functions of promoting blood circulation, dispersing blood and detumescence, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, detoxifying and detumescence, relaxing bowel movement and strengthening the body. In addition, foreign scientists have recently found that Brassica napus contains substances that can promote the synthesis of rhodopsin in the eyes, which can play the role of eyesight. At the same time, they pointed out that cruciferous vegetables such as Brassica napus can reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer.