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How did anaemia do? What does the food of daily blood supply have?

Blood for many people is a must do, in the relevant survey, almost 90% of people have anemia trouble, so how to blood will become the focus of our life. Here by the four seas health network small series for you to introduce the daily blood food what!

Anemia in the end which food can eat what can not eat? In fact, there are quite a lot of blood food! Here we recommend several kinds of daily blood food for iron deficiency anemia:

Spinach: This is the most common vegetable. Spinach is also a famous blood tonic food. Spinach is rich in iron carotene, so spinach can be regarded as an important food in blood tonic vegetables.

Flammulina velutipes: Flammulina velutipes contains the largest amount of iron, 20 times higher than the familiar spinach, rich in iron.

Longan meat: longan meat is rich in iron, vitamin A, B, glucose, sucrose, etc.

Carrot: carrot contains very high vitamin B, C, but also contains a special nutrient - carotene, carotene is very beneficial to blood, with carrot soup, is a good blood soup drink

Gluten: it's a folk food. General vegetarian restaurants and marinated stalls are available. Gluten is rich in iron. And blood must first iron.

Dried radish: dried radish is originally a beneficial vegetable. It contains rich vitamin B and high iron content.

Do you know the daily food of anemia? I hope it can help you.

Expert reminds: anaemic person had better not drink tea, drink tea to be able to make anaemic symptom aggravate only. In addition, milk and some drugs to neutralize stomach acid will hinder the absorption of iron, so try not to eat with food containing iron.