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You need a bottle of sour plum soup in your refrigerator

In the hot summer, you need a bottle of sour plum soup in your refrigerator to bring a trace of freshness to the hot summer. Drinking more sour plum soup can disperse stasis, generate fluid and quench thirst, astringe lung qi, and relieve anxiety and tranquility. The ingredients are actually very simple: 40 grams of dark plum, 1600ml of water, 60 grams of rock sugar, 30 grams of hawthorn, and 2 grams of dried osmanthus.


1. The dried Prunus mume bought in the drugstore was washed several times with water to remove impurities,

2. Soak the plum in cold water for more than five minutes,

3. Rinse the dried hawthorn, and soak it with dark plum for five minutes,

4. Put the black plum and hawthorn into the pot, and choose a larger stainless steel pot,

5. Pour the water in once,

6. Sprinkle some dried osmanthus in the pot,

7. Turn the big fire to the low one,

8. After boiling for about an hour, the color becomes darker and the water content is reduced to about half,

9. Add rock sugar and cook for a few minutes,

10. After cooling, filter and drop the residue,

11. Put it in a sealed bottle, refrigerate and take it with you,

12. When you drink sour plum soup, you can add some ice and dried osmanthus. It tastes good.