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How to treat and protect the skin of computer family

As we all know, in the face of computers, many mm skin problems will show up. Why do computers harm the skin so much? Let's listen to how experts explain.

Static electricity has a negative effect on the skin

Department of dermatology experts believe that because the computer will generate static electricity when it is turned on, and the static electricity will damage the human skin. In addition, the collection of cholecystitis dietotherapy methods, most of the computer family work under great pressure, which may lead to disordered internal excretion system, even dry skin, and accelerate skin aging

Therefore, the computer family should first try to prevent sitting in front of the computer for as long as possible, work two or three hours a day, then get up and take a rest, or wash your face in the latrine. Also pay attention, clean your face completely after using the computer every day, so as to avoid dust on your face from affecting your skin or emerging small rashes and erythema

Dietotherapy improves dry skin

Often use the dry skin caused by computer for food therapy: agaric red jujube soup, horseshoe sugarcane juice, white fruit and job's tears sugar water, green tea, we can improve the skin condition by paying attention to make up nutrition in our normal life

Agaric and red date soup: ingredients include Poria cocos, Huaishan, white agaric (or black agaric), red date. When cooked, it can be used as tea or dessert with a little ice sugar. The nutrients of red date are very rich. The vitamin content of Harbin cancer hospital is 20 times higher than that of apple. The white agaric contains collagen, which can strengthen the elasticity of skin and plump the subcutaneous structure, Make the skin tender and smooth. It has good skin care effect

Baiguo and job's tears: computer people can often eat Baiguo, because Baiguo has the function of nourishing the lungs and moistening the lungs. Baiguo, job's tears and beancurd can be boiled into Baiguo and job's tears and eaten once or twice a week. Baiguo and job's tears also have the function of clearing away heat and moisture,