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Mixed celery and kelp

We all know that people with high blood fat and high blood pressure should mainly eat light food, less greasy, high-fat food. The principle of health preservation for such people should be invigorating Qi, activating blood circulation, cooling blood and moistening. Nutrition shows that celery has the functions of clearing away heat and eliminating irritability, smoothing liver, regulating menstruation, promoting water and detoxification, cooling blood and swelling, stopping bleeding. It contains acidic antihypertensive components, which can lower blood pressure, contain effective ingredients of diuretic, eliminate water and sodium retention, and diuresis * detumescence. It's one of the best medicated meals for the treatment of high blood fat and high blood pressure. Here's the best food for you - cold celery kelp

[mixed celery and kelp]

Ingredients: 200g celery stem, 100g kelp, 50g black fungus

Ingredients: appropriate amount of salt and chicken essence


1. Wash the black fungus and kelp thoroughly with water.

2. Clean and cut black fungus and kelp.

3. Wash and cut the young celery stem into 3cm long.

4. Stir fry black fungus and kelp with water.

5. Boil celery in boiling water for 3 minutes.

6. Cool the raw materials, add salt and chicken essence and mix them well before eating.