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Recommended diet for slimming and clearing intestines after the Spring Festival

Recommended diet for slimming and clearing intestines after the Spring Festival! With the fast pace of urban life and great work pressure of OL and other professional people, how to relieve the pressure and clear the intestines to lose weight after the new year and Spring Festival? Recommend the diet for slimming after the festival!

The pace of urban life is very tense, and the pressure of professional people is great. Many people are nervous and depressed to varying degrees. Honey ginger yogurt apple can effectively alleviate your bad mood and help digestion while losing weight.

Name: Honey Ginger yogurt apple

Method: mixed heating

Taste: sour and sweet

Preparation time: 3 minutes

Number of people: 1 person

Difficulty: getting started

Production time: 6 minutes

Main material:

Apple: 300g; 156 kcal;

Auxiliary materials:

Ginger: 8g; 16 kcal;


Honey (2 tablespoons), yogurt (1 cup)

Total heat: 172 kcal / person

Honey ginger yogurt apple - slimming principle

Slimming principle: eating apples can not only lose weight, but also help digestion. Apples reduce the calories absorbed by the human body, and the insufficient part needs the heat stored in the body. If the excess fat in the body is consumed, people will naturally become thinner.

Yogurt can promote the secretion of digestive juice and increase gastric acid, so it can enhance people's digestive ability and promote appetite; Lactic acid in yogurt can not only change the weak alkaline substances in the intestine into weak acidity, but also produce antibacterial substances, which has a health care effect on the human body.

Honey ginger yogurt apple - preparation steps

1 cut apple

Wash and cut the apples one by one, keep the peel and put them in a heat-resistant container that can be heated by microwave.

2. Mixing with auxiliary materials

Then pour an appropriate amount of honey and ginger slices on the apple and mix them evenly with a spoon.

3 heating

Put the apple mixed with accessories into the microwave oven and heat it over medium heat for 2 minutes.

4 complete

Drizzle with 1 cup of sugar free yogurt and serve.