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What effect does hawthorn have? What taboo should diet Hawthorn notice

What are the effects of Hawthorn? What taboos should we pay attention to when eating Hawthorn? Hawthorn benefits a lot, but when eating hawthorn, we should pay attention to the taboos of hawthorn, and understand the precautions of Hawthorn in order to give full play to the role of Hawthorn!

[Hawthorn] hawthorn, also known as scarlet, red fruit and carmine fruit, has high nutritional and medical value. Because the elderly often eat hawthorn products can enhance appetite, improve sleep, maintain the constant calcium in bone and blood, prevent atherosclerosis and prolong life, so hawthorn is regarded as a 'longevity food'. Hawthorn can prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases, dilate blood vessels, increase coronary blood flow, improve heart activity, excite central nervous system, reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, soften blood vessels, diuresis and sedation.

Hawthorn acid also has a cardiotonic effect, which is also beneficial to senile heart disease.

It's especially good for appetizers and digestion. Hawthorn is used in many digestive drugs. Today's adults probably ate Hawthorn pills when they were young.

Hawthorn has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, which is helpful to relieve local congestion and has auxiliary effect on traumatic injury. In addition, hawthorn has a contractile effect on the uterus, and has the effect of birth when pregnant women are in labor. And can promote postpartum uterine recovery.

Hawthorn contains flavonoids, vitamin C, carotene and other substances can block and reduce the generation of free radicals, can enhance the body's immunity, anti-aging, anti-cancer effect.

Hawthorn has the ingredients of relieving asthma and resolving phlegm, inhibiting bacteria, treating abdominal pain and diarrhea.

≮ applicable population

General people can eat, teeth afraid of acid people can eat hawthorn cake and other hawthorn products.

≮ applicable amount ≠

3-4 at a time.

≮ special tips

Hawthorn tastes sour. It will become more sour when heated.

Hawthorn food on the market contains a lot of sugar, should eat less; try to eat fresh fruit.

≮ health traffic light

Hawthorn is not suitable for pregnant women to eat, because Hawthorn can stimulate uterine contraction, may induce abortion.

Hawthorn digestion only promote the secretion of digestive juice, not through the function of spleen and stomach to digest food, so it is not suitable for people with weak spleen and stomach.

Children are in the period of tooth replacement, long-term greedy hawthorn or Hawthorn slice, hawthorn cake, bad for tooth growth. All people can not eat Hawthorn greedy, and also pay attention to timely gargle after eating, in order to prevent harmful to teeth.

Hawthorn has the effect of lowering blood fat, low blood fat people eat Hawthorn will affect health.

What's the effect of Hawthorn? What's the taboo of eating Hawthorn? There are more articles about food nutrition in's move quickly!