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What's the best "food and wine" on the table?

What's the best dish on the table? In modern society, all kinds of dinner parties can't be avoided. When drinking, without the company of dishes, the taste of wine will inevitably be discounted. Xiaobian recommends six practical dishes.

One of the best dishes: sweet and sour dishes

The main component of wine is ethanol, which can be discharged from the body after being decomposed and transformed in the liver, which will increase the burden on the liver. Sugar has a certain protective effect on liver and blood circulation, so when making wine and vegetables, it's better to have one or two sweet dishes, such as sweet and sour three silk, shredded yam, shredded apple, sweet and sour fish, sweet and sour peanuts, etc.

Sweet and sour peanuts

Main ingredient: Peanuts

Ingredients: tomato sauce, red Zhejiang vinegar, ice plum sauce, dried parsley, white sugar, white vinegar, old vinegar and a little orange juice

How to make it: deep fry the peanuts; mix tomato sauce, red Zhejiang vinegar, ice plum sauce, dried sesame, sugar, white vinegar, old vinegar and orange juice to make it a little sticky; pour it into the deep fried peanuts, mix well and put some coriander on it.

Chinese Yam in Hot Toffee

Main ingredient: yam

Ingredients: raw powder, flour, sugar

Production method: cut yam into rhombic shape or chopsticks; mix raw powder and flour into paste, paste yam, and then fry it in oil pan for standby; put about 200 grams of white sugar in the pan, and then put in water to fill it with sugar, and then boil the sugar to golden yellow with medium and low heat; put yam in the pan, turn it evenly, stick syrup on it and put it on the plate.

When the Chinese yam is on the table, put a bowl of cold boiled water on the side. Dip the Chinese yam in the cold boiled water before eating.

The method of making shredded apple is the same as that of making shredded yam.

Two of the best dishes: kelp, mushroom, rape, etc

Alcohol has diuretic effect, a lot of drinking and frequent urination can appear potassium, sodium, magnesium and other inorganic salt loss, and the performance of acidosis, alcoholism and other symptoms. If you can eat some cold kelp, mushroom rape, etc., it can not only stabilize water, electrolyte and acid-base balance, but also prevent alcoholism.

Mushrooms rape

Main ingredients: cabbage, rape

Ingredients: oyster sauce, sugar, soy sauce

Production method: soak the mushrooms in water; boil the water in the pot, immerse the vegetable heart in water, and put the soaked mushrooms in water; put the oil in the pot, fry the vegetable heart, and put it on the plate; put oyster sauce, sugar, soy sauce in the pot, and then put the right amount of water into the pot, pour the mushrooms, and then harvest the juice, and then put it on the vegetable heart, and pour some oil on it.

Cold kelp

Main ingredient: Kelp

Ingredients: garlic, onion, sesame oil, pepper, salt, monosodium glutamate, vinegar

Production method: cut kelp into shreds, put it in a pot, boil it with boiling water, and cool it with cold boiling water; add garlic, scallion, sesame oil, pepper, salt, monosodium glutamate and vinegar, mix well and put it on a plate, sprinkle some white sesame seeds on it.

After reading the above content, we should have some understanding of what is the best way to drink and eat on the wine table. More topics about healthy life will be introduced in the following article. Welcome to check. Wish you a happy life!